About Otegrity

With over twenty years of experience in the accounting and finance industry we saw the opportunity to provide our clients more value. Otegrity focuses on three main areas of service:  Back-Office Solutions, Human Capital Management and Staffing Solutions.

Otegrity builds collaborative relationships with transparent pricing and customized solutions, providing exceptional customer service at both the employer and employee levels and innovative open source cloud-based technology to leverage current customer platforms and partner resources.

Who We Are

Our Beginnings…

In 2002, Alec Brophy was working with small and large businesses to help improve the company’s accounting and finances, One company had all the right numbers, but not the financing to grow; another had all the capital they needed, but not efficient processes; and, another hired great talent, but did not encourage innovation. Working with these companies, Alec became frustrated and disheartened as implementations where only executed half way and half- heartedly.

At that time, by recognizing and identifying what companies need to grow and how back office functions provide support, Alec decided to quit his day job and solve this problem.

The idea was simple – outsource the back office to provide reliable and consistent data so a company can make informed decisions and execute. As accounting and finance solutions were provided to large and small businesses, publicly traded, non-profit and privately held, Alec understood repeatable processes, company innovation and a great culture makes all the difference in achieving growth and happiness.

Today, Otegrity has applied this experience and now emphasizes human capital as the key asset to enable growth in a company.

Otegrity will continue to evolve from our beginnings to include back office functions. The one thing that will not change is our focus on our customers.

What We Live By

Our Mission…

Otegrity is committed to giving organizations back their time by taking on compliance risk, providing back office solutions, and protecting employees, their families, and the business.

Our Vision…

To be an innovative first-class team, leading the back-office solutions industry with a focus on Human Capital Management.

We are reimagining the Business Advisory, Staffing, Payroll and Insurance Industries.

Three Commitments…

Be of service in all you do

Uncompromising integrity

Empower yourself and others

Empower People.

Empower Business.

Why Culture Matters

Company Culture…

Otegrity is not an average company. Our service is not average and our people are not average.

Even though service to our customers is important, our #1 priority is our company’s culture. Our culture is what has made us successful and will continue to make us successful. In our culture, we celebrate and embrace our diversity – each person’s individuality, skills, passions and perspectives. We believe that a great culture will address most needs in the company – like being of service or building long-term sustainable brand or relationships.

Great culture = Great company = Great results.

Our culture would not be what it is today without Otegrity team members, Otegrans, past and present. We are all protectors and cultivators of the Otegrity culture; it’s what makes it unique and something that grows every day.

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